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Couple May Sue Over Discarded Embryo


the part that bothers me is the statement that 'life begins at conception' or fertilization, or whatever.

a lot of these groups are using religious backgrounds to justify their statements. not that there's anything inherently wrong with that in my opinion, but when that's done blindly and to the exclusion of all else, then it bugs me.

a little background on me, i am a Christian, and i also believe in proof. i personally believe there need to be a certain amount of development, something more than a parasitic lump of flesh, before a soul enters that flesh and makes it a body. Especially considering that somewhere between 20-80% of pregnancies spontaneously abort themselves (and the women never know, they think they're just having a late/bad period). i don't believe a mandatory statement my any government or private organization can claim that life begins at fertilization, with out SOME sort of basis. i am pro-choice, for first trimester at the very least, though i personally find abortion repellent. i'm willing to have my opinions/beliefs altered... but as of yet, no one's managed to do so.


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