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"It can be rough in Japan, Life's a Bitch and then you're Undead"~ my mom

The modern world actually does make feeling good about one's self easy for the lazy person if you really think about it. For instance, the other day I was in the parking lot of a Super Walmart

I put my cart up.

That's right, and as I was walking back I thought to myself "I just walked two measley aisles over and I feel accomplished for today. Why? Because so many of these schmucks didnt. That guy over there turned the cart over on the little island thingie so it wouldnt roll. That was nice, but I still did one better."

The easy way to feeling smug, is this wrong? =P
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smug might be wrong but that depends on who you ask but I just wonder is there a right way to be smug...if you feel you did the right thing then I guess you did right by you...
well, yeah in actuality smug isnt the word. But i had to laugh at myself for something that should be -expected- can instead be counted as 'doing a little extra'. it's sad and funny at the same time.
yeahy know what you mean though I have to wonder what the people whoes jobs it was to clean up after you think? hehehe now that might have a few odd answers I bet
Probably lots of improper language (tho of course, not directed at me. I almost always put my carts up, cuz i'm s'damn nice and all. ^_~)
i wonder the same thing... just about daily. like the pop-top cans of soup you can just throw in the microwave. convenience is such a way of life, it's almost as if any inclination toward self action needs to be commended... or the behavior itself will be in danger of vanishing

i don't think every person could fall under the blanket, but it seems our society as a whole caters to it.


i feel ya though, everytime i start making efforts for myself beyond mere convenience, can't help but feel a little bit proud

now if only it was proud enough to get me off my ass more often.